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About us
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Our products:
We are a professional manufacturer of rock drilling tools in China. Our main products include button bit 、tapered button bit 、thread button bit 、retrac button bit 、cross bit 、chisel bit 、shank adapter 、coupling sleeve、Drifting drill rod、Extension drill rod、MF(male  female)rod 、speed rod 、tapered drill rod 、Hex drill rod、Integral drill rod、 coal mining bit 、Tunneling bit 、road planing picks 、conical picks 、crusher picks 、flats picks 、surface mining tools 、Trenching tools 、Foundation drilling tools 、Grader blades 、DTH bit 、DTH hammer 、DTH drill rod 、 self drilling anchor bolt 、self drilling anchor accessories 、Blast furnace tapping hole tools 、Roller cutter bit 、TBM cutter 、cutting tools which are used for mining, quarrying, tunneling, water well drilling, mineral exploration, geological prospecting, civil engineering and construction. Etc.
Our market:
  Taishan rock tools adopted the advanced manufacturing process and procedures in production, ensuring high quality steels and tungsten carbides to guarantee the consistent high quality of the products since being ISO9001 accredited, Through our many years of effort, we gradually developed Independent development of various designs and manufacture of rock drilling tools and formed a perfect service & quality control system including tight quality control procedure and a complete after sale service teams . Our products are most popular in more than 20 provinces municipalities and autonomous regions of China .And have already entered the overseas markets ,such as USA 、Chile 、Russia、Norway 、Bolivia 、India  、Colombia 、Iran 、Finland 、Philippines、Australia  、Sweden 、Portugal 、Etc ......
Our service:
    We will continuing make use of the practical experience of our end users to research and develop more new and even better products for our customers. rock tools always committed to supply low cost, high efficiency, energy saving and environment-friendly products for global customers, We are confident for new challenges of future development and we are keeping improve our quality and service as well as management for better serving our customers and payback to the society.
Company values
Taishan values:
Attitude is everything . Details determine success or failure .Action is character building and character is destiny .Based on honesty.Development by innovation . Social Commitment .No pains,no agains. Your efforts will make company gorgeous .
Taishan Service philosophy :
 Strengthen Customer service oriented ; Advocate Spirit of utter devotion
Taishan Core Ideology :
Total Employee Involvement: strengthen management; promote quality.
Taishan Management Theory:
No Execution NO Competitive forces .
Taishan Development Ideology:
Base on ISO9000 , open the global market .
Taishan Employment Ideality :
Hard work today or  hard find work tomorrow 
Taishan existence idea:
Break Creation , Keep quality ,reinforce the management, increase efficiency ,Base on technology . Finding the way is leading to success ; making an excuse will leading to failture .
Taishan existence idea:
Break Creation , Keep quality ,reinforce the management, increase efficiency ,Base on technology . Finding the way is leading to success ; making an excuse will leading to failure .
Taishan corporate objectives:
No best, but better!
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