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conical rotary cutter teeth bit
conical rotary cutter teeth bit conical rotary cutter teeth bit
(1)Step shank :38mm/30mm (1.5”/1.18”)
(2)Shank :38mm (1.5”),  34mm (1.34”)
(3)Carbide tips: plug tips , Narrow-bottom
(4)Package: in plastic box
(5)Supply ability: 50000pcs/month
(6)Delivery time :20days
conical rotary cutter teeth bit include tunnling bit conical bit and mining teeth body are Alloy steel selected after heat treatment, and with High strength, Tips is made by Low press Sintered, and Suitable Grade Selected according to the Target Projects, Which are to make sure the good performance during working.
 The products adapt to the machine with all the performance features such as a high feed rate, a long service life and short tool changing times. Together with the parts supply assurance, a high daily production volume, and above-average economy is guaranteed.



Our mineral ground tools  include : tunneling bit ,conical bits ,mining teeth  ,road planing picks 、conical picks 、crusher picks 、flats picks 、surface mining tools 、coal mining bit 、Trenching tools 、Foundation drilling tools 、Grader blades 、button bit 、shank adapter 、Drifting drill rod、Extension drill rod、MF(male  female)rod 、Hex drill rod、Integral drill rod、DTH bit 、DTH hammer 、DTH drill rod 、 self drilling anchor bolt 、Blast furnace tapping hole tools 、Roller cutter bit 、TBM cutter 、cutting tools which are used for mining, quarrying, tunneling, water well drilling, mineral exploration, geological prospecting, civil engineering and construction. Etc.


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